Bright Beginnings

Counseling Services for Children & Adolescents

At Bright Beginnings Counseling Services, mental health support is tailored specifically for children and adolescents aged 6-14. The emotional well-being of young individuals is crucial for their overall development and happiness. Bright Beginnings provides a safe and nurturing environment where children and adolescents can express their thoughts, feelings and concerns openly. The goal is to promote emotional growth, enhance self-esteem, foster positive relationships, and support the overall well-being of children on their journey towards mental wellness.

Comprehensive, Experienced, Quality Care

Lisa DiBernardo, LPC, NCC

With 17+ years experience providing mental health support to children and adolescents, my primary goal is to foster a safe and trusting environment where your child can thrive and develop their emotional well-being. 

I understand that entrusting your child's mental health to someone else can be a challenging decision. However, I want to assure you that my approach to counseling is rooted in empathy, compassion, and a genuine commitment to your child's growth. By creating a non-judgmental and supportive space, I strive to establish a therapeutic relationship that encourages open communication, active listening, and collaboration.

I'm well-versed in a variety of therapeutic techniques specifically tailored to meet the needs of children & adolescents. Through play therapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques and expressive arts, I empower clients to explore their emotions, develop coping skills and build resilience. I aim to equip them with the tools they need to navigate life's challenges.